Sunday 17 April 2016

Trengwainton Garden

If you are a doctor, a nutritionist, or my friend Kathy for whom I am being a bridesmaid in about 8 weeks' time, then you might want to look away now.

Because this post marks the crossing of a line. It's the crossing of a line from a normal person with a nice little hobby of eating scones at National Trust properties, to a Bruce Bogtrotter-style glutton.

Trengwainton Garden was the 7th National Trust property that we visited during our 48 hour Scone Blogger Spring Tour of Cornwall. We'd had THREE scones on the previous day (at Boscastle, Trerice, and Trelissick) and then another one at St Michael's Mount at 10.30 in the morning before we got to Trengwainton.

I was up for the challenge, of course, but the Sidekick said no. He insisted we share a cream tea rather than have one each, and boy was I grateful to him when I realised that a cream tea comes with two scones at Trengwainton.

The good thing about Trengwainton is that, as the name suggests, it's a garden. This meant a bit of walking about, although I don't think there is a garden big enough in the world to allow the calories of 5 cream teas to be walked off. We tried though.

Trengwainton Garden

The house at Trengwainton is still owned by the Bolitho family and it's private, so you need to keep your distance:

Trengwainton House

The Trengwainton scone
But back to the scones. We had loved the cafes at Trerice, Trelissick, and Boscastle, and the scones had ALL scored top marks. Surely Trengwainton couldn't deliver the goods again?

Readers, the scones were spectacular. If they had been in any way subpar, we'd have stopped eating. But they were perfect - light, fluffy, fresh and delicious. The cafe was lovely as well. Cornwall knows what it's doing, people.

Trengwainton scones

You'll be relieved to hear that we had to call it a day scone-wise after Trengwainton. We made the flawed decision to venture off the National Trust map and go to Land's End, which was a complete disappointment. But we'll be back on course soon, heading for property number 129. I just need to visit the gym for about 300 hours first.

Trengwainton Garden: 4 out of 5
Scones: 5 out of 5
Enough space to walk off 8,000,000 calories: 0 out of 5

Read about the amazing St Michael's Mount and the scone we'd already eaten there at 10.30am that morning.

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