Saturday 23 September 2017

The Book of Scones - Tried and Tested - Part Seven

The story so far: I am baking all 50 recipes from the National Trust Book of Scones. The first 30 scones were all sweet - see below for the links to all of those treats. 

This week I turn my hand to the savoury chapter for scones 31-35:

The Welsh Cheese & Herb Scone
You HAVE to try these. I am still staggered by how easy these were to make, compared to how tasty they were. They were like little souffles. Amazing.

Welsh Cheese & Herb Scones

The Hazelnut & Stilton Scone
Stilton always feels like a very grown-up ingredient and these scones did indeed feel like they should be served as part of a meal - extremely tasty with a fantastic texture courtesy of the hazelnuts.

The Walnut, Goat's Cheese, and Pear Scone
"So, Sarah, what are you baking for us this week?" "Well, Paul and Prue, I'm doing walnut, goat's cheese and pear scones" - cue Paul Hollywood doing his impressed nodding thing. That's my way of telling you that these are classy scones. Highly recommended.

The Ploughman's Scone
These scones include apple and pickled onions as well as cheese. Very tasty.

The Pumpkin Pie Scone
For scone 35, I reverted back to the safety of a sweet scone and I'll be honest with you: I had doubts about this one, as the pumpkin puree made the dough very soggy. But the end result was literally autumn on a plate - absolutely, stonkingly delicious:

Pumpkin pie scones

Just 15 more scone recipes to go!

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