Thursday 14 November 2019

Podcast: The Christmas Pudding Scone at Treasurers House

It's time to get your earphones ready everyone, and brace yourself for me outing my pronunciation of the word 'scone' (please don't abandon me if it's different to yours - we're in this together).

I'm pleased to share a 15 minute podcast with you that I recorded at Treasurers House in York, home to the most memorable scone that I've had in the whole six years of the blog: the Christmas Pudding Scone with Brandy Butter.

You can tune in to the podcast here and and hear about:

  • The ghosts of Treasurers House - which one would you prefer to meet?
  • The history of the Christmas Pudding Scone with Brandy Butter 
  • The secret to how National Trust scones in York are all 5-star
  • How Monsieur Viande, the French chef of former owner Frank Green, is inspiring dishes in the cafe (warning: you will be hungry after this)

Monsieur Viande, the chef of one-time Treasurers owner Frank Green

Remember: you have until December 21st to try the Christmas Pudding Scone for yourself. Read the Christmas Pudding Scone Tour of York Intinerary that I lovingly prepared for you.

A huge thank you to Karla Simpson and Devon Allen for taking part in the podcast. Karla runs the food and beverage operation for Treasurers House, Goddards, and Beningbrough Hall so we have her and her team to thank for York's clean sweep when it comes to NT scones - every property has delivered a 5-star specimen.

Karla and Devon - stars of this podcast episode
Devon is the Visitor Experience Manager who is responsible for the stunning Christmas decorations that adorn Treasurers House until 21 December:

The full podcast series is on ice for now but stay tuned - we'll soon be entering the final year of the National Trust Scone Blog and I'm aiming for a series finale that surpasses Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, even Brookside.

Full link to podcast:

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