Saturday 30 September 2017

The Book of Scones - Tried and Tested - Part Eight

We're nearly there, viewers! My project to bake all 50 recipes from the National Trust Book of Scones is nearing its conclusion. Below you will find recipes 36-40, proving that even a non-skilled baker like me is capable of baking deliciousness.

The Bacon, Cheese and Spring Onion Breakfast Scone
I don't know why the utterly amazing wonderfulness of this one surprised me - I mean, it has bacon and cheese in it? That's a pretty nailed-on indication that it was going to be good. You have to try it.

The Leek and Onion Scone
A very fresh-tasting scone - would be great with soup.

The Carrot and Coriander Scone
Full of flavour - again, a great accompaniment to soup.

The Shropshire Blue and Fig Scone
Utterly delicious - cheese gives scones a lightness that you don't expect, while the fig lends a lot of sweetness. 

The Honey Scone
A bit of a departure in its shape but don't let that put you off - the subtle honey flavour ensures that this isn't too sweet. 

I'm going to do the final ten scones in one go - OK, maybe over a couple of days - so look out for the final bake, as it includes the classics (Plain, Fruit, Cheese) as well as the Christmas Pudding scone.

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