Saturday 9 September 2017

The Book of Scones - Tried and Tested - Part Five

I'm half-way through my mission to bake all 50 scones in the National Trust Book of Scones! Yes indeed, here are scones 20-25:

The Stollen Scone
Look, I know that mentioning C******* in August/September sends some people running over the nearest cliff, but I had to make sure that we were READY. These scones are the baking equivalent of the film The Ten Commandments, in that the ingredients list is a cast of thousands and you wonder how you'll ever fit everything in. But they are so worth it. Amazing. 

The Lemon & Cranberry Scone
I was a little concerned that the flavours in these scones would be very subtle, and they are but in a very good way.

Lemon & Cranberry

The Apple & Raisin Scone
Look at that greedy scone on the front right, delighted with himself that he stole all the raisins. Never mind; this is a simple yet totally delicious scone.

Apple & Raisin scone

The Peach, Poppyseed & Vanilla Scone
Poppyseeds are the strangest thing - they look so innocuous and yet they make a huge difference to any baked food item. A really lovely light scone.

Peach, Poppyseed, Vanilla scone

The Blackberry & Apple Scone
Move along here, folks, nothing to see - apart from a few scones where I accidentally used twice as many blackberries as were needed. Seriously though - if you ever needed any evidence that I am not an expert baker and anyone can bake scones, look no further: 

Blackberry and Apple scone

So there you have it! Only another 25 scone recipes to go! In the meantime, keep sending me your pictures of your scone bakes - you can get a copy of the Book of Scones at any National Trust shop or from Amazon.

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