Friday, 20 March 2020

Scones in the Time of Coronavirus

'The best-laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley'.

So said Robert Burns. And it's true, my schemes have indeed ganged agley. Although I'm not sure if Rabbie was referring specifically to a global pandemic.

Anyway. Back in January, I made my list of the final 30 properties that I needed to visit to complete the National Trust Scone Odyssey. Several people said "you'll never do it by December" and I said "yes I will" because I am a bit naive and over-optimistic. But surely even the world's biggest pessimist didn't foresee the coronavirus. And now, like everyone else, I wait to see when we might be allowed out again.

But the Scone Blogger's motto is 'NEVER MIND'. If I can't share pictures of National Trust scones on National Trust Scone Twitter, I will share pictures of your home bakes instead. Thanks to everyone that has sent in photos so far:

April 3: Sconepal Sue breaks out the Carrot & Coriander for these delights:

Carrot and Coriander Scones

April 2: Sconepal Ali chalks up her third Lockdown Homebake with these Apple & Raisin beauties:
Apple and Raisin scones

April 2: Stunning work on the Lemon Scones from Sconepal Emma:

Lemon Scones

April 2: Beautiful Lemon & Stem Ginger Scones from Sconepal Jo:

April 1: Some truly magnificent Cheese and Herb Scones from Sconepal Caroline:

March 30: Sconepal Sarah was the latest member of our troupe to open her home up for #notthenationaltrust and serve a very elegant scone:

March 30: Chocolate Orange Scones from Sconepal Milly:

Chocolate Orange Scones

March 29: Sconepal Ole (Canine Division) was the last man standing when it came to finding scones in the outside world. Now he's king of the home-bake with these Singin' Hinnies. We love you Ole.

Singin Hinnies

March 29: Sconepal Catherine delivered quite possibly the most unexpected scone of all time - the Moomin scone.

March 29: Sconepal Kath bravely opened her home to National Trust members, serving Apple Scones. Obviously nobody turned up, apart from two pigeons who ignored the social distancing rules and forced her to close the gardens:

Apple scones

March 29: Sconepal Dot also opened her house up for #notthenationaltrust and served up these Red Pepper, Onion, and Cheese delights:

March 29: Sconepal Andy took things to a new level with Gouda Scones and Fig Compote:

Gouda scones

March 29: Scones galore at Sconepal Liz's house:

Scones with jam

March 29: Sconepal Nathalie broke out the Cheese & Olive scone:

Cheese and olive scone

March 28: Sconepal Laura ingeniously invented the 'visit your own home as if it's a National Trust property' and enjoyed this in the gardens #notthenationaltrust  

March 28: Sconepal Clare also did a #notthenationaltrust visit of her own home and found these in the tea room:


March 27: Sconepal Ali took on the Earl Grey scone AND WON:

Earl Grey scone

March 27: Sconepal BeingAParent produced some Red Pepper, Onion, & Cheese scones - GLUTEN-FREE:

March 25: Sconepal Mammoth took things up a level with Chocolate & Marshmallow:


March 24: Sconepal Paula baked up another cheese scone storm:

March 24: Sconepal James was also on the cheese:

March 22: Sconepal Emily took some scones to Avebury (just before LOCKDOWN): 

March 21: Sconepal Karis produced a fruit number:

March 19: Sconepal Alison delivered this Blackberry & Apple bonanza:

Blackberry and Apple

March 19: Sconepal Catherine served us up this divine scene of cheese scones:

Cheese scones

Please do send me your photos if you are fortunate enough to find any flour/other ingredients in your local shops.

I'll end with this glimmer of hope: when I went to check out the Rabbie Burns' Birthplace Museum website, I was greatly cheered to see that the cafe was represented with a pile of scones. So I make that commitment; not only will I finish the National Trust Scone Odyssey, not only will I visit the final 28 places in England and Wales, but I will go to the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway and I will enjoy a National Trust of Scotland scone. 

Stay safe, everyone, and look after each other.

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