Monday 26 August 2013

National Trust Scones on Countryfile!

I was so pleased to see the National Trust and its scones making an appearance on TV last night. Watersmeet in Devon was featured on Countryfile, who sent the main man himself, John Craven, along to bake scones with the Chief Baker, Fiona Pile.

National Trust scones on Countryfile

Fiona looked slightly worried whenever John was manhandling the scones but she explained that a lot of love goes into her creations to make sure they're light and fluffy - I just adored her. She rejected John's scone though, as it was misshapen (he described it as "almost like a souffle" but she wasn't having any of it):

National Trust Scone on Countryfile

Watersmeet sells 10,000 cream teas each year, which is an awful lot of scones. However, they also told us that the location has 80,000 customers each year, which begs the question; what do the other 70,000 people do there? I was also troubled to see a lot of customers loading up their scones JAM FIRST - and this was IN DEVON. I thought that was a criminal offence there?

It's also lovely to see that John Craven continues to be there for me throughout my life, telling me about mating pandas and space shuttles on Newsround when I was ten and thirty years later showing me how scones are made at National Trust properties. It was just what I needed after a hard day's scone reviewing at Bodiam Castle. Thanks John.

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