Saturday 22 July 2017

The Book of Scones - Tried and Tested - Part Three

I'm on a roll with this project to bake every recipe in the National Trust Book of Scones. I want to prove that ANYONE can produce scone glory - ANYONE, even me.

I already shared my first five scones with you - including the dark horsedly-good Earl Grey scone - and then last week I shared scones 6-10, which included the world-famous Chocolate Orange scone.

So here we go with scones 11-15! 

The Cherry & Almond Scones
I am not really one for wasting spending time making things look nice - just ask anyone who has received a present wrapped by me, or anyone who has read my hand-writing. And if I had known in advance that the flaked almonds were for decoration only, I wouldn't have bought them. But I did, and I had to use them, so here you have probably the prettiest scones I've ever produced. They tasted fantastic too:

Cherry and almond scone

The Triple Chocolate Scones 
You HAVE to try these. You just have to. They are astonishingly good. They are even worth the pain of baking with cocoa - I had forgotten that the simple act of opening a tub of cocoa sends a spray of fine brown powder up into the air and and down onto every available surface in your kitchen. Wear an apron and you'll be fine.

triple chocolate scones

The Honey, Sunflower Seed, & Ginger
If you said to me, "Scone Blogger, I bet you £20 that you could not get Gwyneth Paltrow to eat a scone," I would probably agree with you. But if I was going to persuade Gwynnie to consume more calories in one bite than she probably does in a week, I would ply her with these ones. Honey! Sunflower Seeds! Ginger! Nature's bounty in a very tasty scone.

Honey, sunflower, ginger scone

The Chocolate & Hazelnut Scones
I'm not going to say much about these, as you're going to scroll down in a moment and see the same scones baked by someone with more of an eye for detail - but these tasted absolutely delicious.

Chocolate and hazelnut scones

The Chocolate & Marshmallow Scones
I had a catastrophe with these ones. And before you say "yeah, look at the state of them! How did they end up that shape?", it's not the mishapenness I'm talking about, nor the enormous hunks of chocolate that look like they're trying to escape because I failed to chop them up properly. I forgot to put the cocoa in. Maybe the experience of baking the Triple Chocolate scones did affect me after all. They still tasted lovely.

chocolate and marshmallow scone

I'm now going to humiliate myself by showing you an example of a Sconepal bake. These are the Chocolate Hazelnut as baked by Sconepal Emma Jayne. Now look back at my Chocolate Hazelnuts above. I think I need to work on my aesthetics.

I love seeing photos of your scone bakes, so keep sending them!

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