Thursday 1 August 2019

Holnicote Estate

The Holnicote Estate (pronounced Hunnicutt) is massive: 12,000 acres of land across Somerset and Exmoor National Park. It contains 5 villages, a nature reserve, and 150 miles of footpaths and bridleways. 

What it doesn't contain are any National Trust scones. There are several tenanted tea rooms in the various villages, but to give myself a fighting chance of ever finishing this quest I have decided not to make those mandatory.

However, I had seen a picture of the Periwinkle Tea Room in Selworthy and decided it was too pretty to miss, so I called in on my way from Dunster Castle.

Holnicote Periwinkle

I can honestly say that I thought I'd died and gone to heaven at the Periwinkle. It was a beautiful day and the tea room garden is the perfect peaceful little place for a cup of tea. 

The scone was also perfect - warm, tasty, and fresh: 

Holnicote Periwinkle Scone

So I definitely recommend a stop on the Holnicote Estate - there's lots of walking and scone eating to be done.

Holnicote: 4 out of 5
Scone: not strictly NT but an honorary 5 out of 5

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